2005 Mazda Tribute (Bad Engine) (OBO) - $450 (Saint Thomas)

2005 Mazda Tribute (Bad Engine) (OBO) 1 thumbnail2005 Mazda Tribute (Bad Engine) (OBO) 2 thumbnail
condition: fair
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 220000
paint color: red
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: SUV
It threw a timing chain accelerating around 10-20 MPH. I believe this bent the valves or cracked the valve cover because it's losing oil from somewhere, but only when on. No engine code returning that the gaskets are damaged. Frankly, no one around here will take it apart deep enough to check the valves let alone work on it if they're damaged, and I don't have the money to drop a new engine in it or fix it if the valves are bent. I was quoted 1,600 to have an engine pulled out of a Ford Escape, then mine pulled out, and the new one put in. A whole engine would run you around 400 dollars. It would take you a couple hundred bucks to buy only the replacement parts, pull the engine, and then fix it yourself. I don't have the know-how. I have the space to learn, but it's not mine to use as I please.

The engine was a 2006 Ford Escape V6 engine with 80,000 miles on it, and so I just got unlucky with a bad timing chain. So long as it's a Generation 1 (2001-2007) V6 Ford Escape or similarly appropriate Mazda Tribute engine, it should just slot right in.

The body has 220,000-ish miles on it, but virtually every important part on it with the exception of the transmission was replaced within the last 12,000 miles. Computer replaced, shocks, battery, it's been realigned, new tires, and more. My grandfather basically rebuilt the entire thing before he sold it to me. There was rust underneath as to be expected in the rust belt, but anything that would fail its inspection I had welded. It's under inspection until late September.

The battery died in the last couple of days due to a phone charger being plugged in, and it's sat for just under two weeks. Don't jump it and run it, tow it if you buy it. I confidently drove this from Saint Thomas, through a blizzard in Wyoming, down to Oregon, up to Seattle, and back through the top states to Saint Thomas over roughly 3 days. If you put a new engine in it, it will not give you problems.

If you pay me outside the notary, I can tell them I'm gifting it to you so you don't have to eat the tax.

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